Dylan O’brien attends the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.

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Dylan O’Brien attends the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.

Dylan O’Brien attends the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.

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Teen Wolf AU: Autocorrect always fucks things up. Except when it doesn’t. based on this

Happy birthday Jessy!!! I love you. Always stay rad! 

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3x09 vs. 4x09

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I know you’re saying something but your scruff is distracting me

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I'm gonna make scones and tea with my scarf.

Some time in 2013, I decided to watch a little show called Teen Wolf. It has since consumed every part of my life and I have never looked back. I'm currently in a state of missing Isaac Lahey more than anything. This blog is 98% Teen wolf all the time. The other 2% is dispersed unevenly among Marvel, Disney, and musicals. Forever in love with a beautiful banshee, a curly haired werewolf, a kickass werecoyote, a grumpy sour wolf, the new town deputy, and a sarcastic human.